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Cold Forging

Cold forging is a manufacturing process where a bar stock is inserted into a die and squeezed with a second closed die. The deformation starts at room temperature and changes the shape and size of the initial part until it has assumed the shape of the die. At this final step, the part can reach a temperature of up to 250°C, since the friction strain rates are very high during deformation.

The process requires high-resistance dies and high-duty steel, usually reinforced by retaining rings. Even if these dies are quite expansive compared to hot forging dies, their life time is much higher, leading to a competitive cost per unit. However, this can only be achieved with a suited design and efficient forging process, thanks to excellent engineering skills.

Cold Forged Steel Grades
Not all steel grades can be cold forged. Carbon content must be below 0,5%, and the strain hardening exponent must be acceptable. Usually, the mechanical properties are enhanced by the strain hardening, and therefore parts don’t need post forging full heat treatment cycle, including austenitization, quenching and annealing. This leads to cost savings, especially significant in the high-volume production of small automotive components such as fasteners.

Cold Forging Benefits
This is a highly automated manufacturing process and parts can be made economically. Another benefit of cold forging is the lack of grain growth and therefore perfectly aligned to the shape of the part metal grains with an exceptionally strong and resistant surface


Precitechpartune Industries Pvt. Ltd was initiated in June 2018
Precitechpartune Industries associated with Globe-Tech Fortune Industries Pvt Ltd, which is already a leader in manufacturing of engineering components & in heat treatment combined to realize the industrial expertise of Mr. Narayan Hegde, Mr. Ganesh Hegde & Mr. Sharat Hegde to fulfill the vision of becoming the Best In Class.
Mr. Narayan Hegde has 3 decades of Expertise in engineering components and in plastic injection molding, Mr. Ganesh Hegde has over 3 decades of expertise in engineering components & Mr. Sharat Hegde, an young entrepreneur with over 3 years of experience.


To provide Employment to 2000+ people by 2020 and to be a leading manufacturer of precision machined parts

To continuously nurture talent and scale up to new heights with the emphasis on continuo improvement

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